01 April 2008

Obama Widens Lead Over Clinton in Poll


Posted: 2008-03-31 20:15:31

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(March 31) -- Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton by 10 percentage points in the latest national on the Democratic presidential nomination, according to the latest Gallup daily tracking poll. That's Obama's biggest lead of the year so far, the polling organization reports.

It's the first time either Democrat has led the other by double digits since Feb. 4-6, when Clinton outpaced Obama by 11 percentage points.

The poll also asked registered voters about John McCain's standing against Clinton and Obama. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee leads Clinton by 4 percentage points, and Obama by 3 points, the poll said.

Some of Obama's supporters have said that Clinton is hurting the party by staying in the race when she is trailing Obama in delegates. On Sunday, former President Bill Clinton dismissed that suggestion at an appearance in California.

"There is somehow the suggestion that because we are having a vigorous debate about who would be the best president, we are going to weaken this party in the fall," he said at the state Democratic Party convention. "Chill out." Read more.

And on Saturday, Obama said he thought Clinton should stay in the race and "run as long as she wants."

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